S- Design is a prestigious office for architecture and interior design for the private and business sectors, which has been operating successfully since 2002 and is managed by Shelly Shabat, BA graduate and diploma in architectural design and design.

The firm specializes in the design and interior design of private homes, luxury homes, offices and hotels.

The firm offers the best services in the field, such as close accompaniment, formulating detailed plans, preparing work plans for contractors, calculate & writing quantities, consulting and architectural supervision.

We believe that a successful project begins with close contact with the client, an in-depth study of his wishes, needs and dreams while preserving our architectural truth. The combination of a meticulous and uncompromising design that combines inspiration from the international design trends with an understanding of the needs, the environment and the culture of the client is the vision and seal of the firm.

Come with us to fulfill your dream with our fantasies!